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Violet Fire


Original Release Feb 1988 / Re-Release January 8th


Shannon Kilmartin looked up at her handsome rescuer and shrank from the desire in his deep brown eyes. Had he saved her from drowning only to ravish her? After fleeing the advances of her cruel stepfather, Shannon had vowed never to trust a man whose eyes glowed with passion’s flame. When this stranger took her in his steely embrace, she feared he was a madman; when he stole her breath away with a searing kiss, she suddenly wished on;y to share his madness – and his love – all the rest of her days.

Ecstasy found

Brandon Fleming cradled the violet-eyed temptress in his arms and cursed the way she’d stormed into his heart. When his wife deserted him, he’d sworn no woman would ever again touch his soul. But one look at the beauty he held, one touch of her silken skin, and he was lost. All he wanted to do was ease her fear with tender kisses, promise her forever with gentle caresses, and gaze throughout the night into those eyes that burned with desire’s VIOLET FIRE.


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This was a painful book to write. That’s what I remember most about Brandon and Shannon’s story. It’s the first time I ever experienced writer’s block. I was halfway through and BAM. I took a writing vacation from work and then…nothing. It was awful. Panic ensued. Stomachaches. Nausea. Absolute fear. I thought: this is it. If this is what it’s going to be like, this is my last book. I thought: Gee, maybe I should use an outline like other writers. Things got better toward the end. I simply kept plugging away. Some days I would spend 14 hours at the computer. I wasn’t in my right mind, but then I couldn’t find anyone who would let me borrow theirs.

The oddest thing was that when it was completed, VIOLET FIRE became the first manuscript I submitted that didn’t require any rewriting. Not a word, not a line. It was small relief after all that agony. I look back on that time and realize there were a lot of factors, most of them unrelated to writing, that influenced my writer’s block. I’m still writing because it’s never happened again to the degree it did then. I may have a tough writing day, but not so that I’m virtually paralyzed. (Knock on wood.)