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Tempting Torment


The McClellan Family Series

Book #3

Aug 1989; reprinted Oct 2001 and 2018


False Pretenses…

Desperate to escape to America with her life — and that of the infant in her arms — Jessa Winter quickly weds a mortally wounded man, planning to flee England as his widow. She doesn’t count on Noah McClellan’s will to live — or his determination to make her deliver on all of their marriage vows. But baby Gideon and her own hidden secrets must be protected — even as Noah’s passionate demands tempt her to trust him with everything: the truth, her life, and her heart…

…Lead To True Passions

Noah has every intention of getting his due from the cunning female who’s played him for a fool. As they sail for America, he is torn between outrage and growing tenderness for this beautiful woman he now calls wife. Jessa’s recklessness nearly cost him his life — yet he cannot fight the burgeoning desire to tease and tempt her into sharing more than just his name…



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This story revisits the McClellan family. Noah McClellan had always pulled on me a little, perhaps because he shared my seasickness. As the book was first written, Noah was a kinder, gentler man. I believe my editor gave me good direction when she suggested Noah needed to toughen up a little. Sure, it was easy forher to say. TEMPTING TORMENT required the most extensive rewriting I’ve ever done (not counting that cork-brained scheme to resurrect my first manuscript). It meant going through the story line by line and giving the hero more of an edge. Noah retained his moral center but managed conflict with a bit less grace. It was an interesting writing exercise, one I’m not anxious to repeat anytime soon!

My goddaughter is still not old enough to read about heroine I named after her. I figure Jessa will be about 25 before her mother or I will let her crack the book – although I understand the cover took a prominent place on the refrigerator for several years.