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Sweet Fire


Original Release July 1991 / Re-Release February 19th



She longed to have him

Told all her life that she was plain, Lydia Chadwick knew no man would come courting because of her looks. So it was with some suspicion that the shy, sweet San Francisco heiress woke one morning with a tall, dark, dangerously handsome husband she couldn’t recall marrying. Lydia had lost her memory, and was desperate to discover if there was truly a love to remember. For as she looked at Nathan Hunter’s lean, muscular frame, she longed to abandon herself to the sensual stranger, and believe – if only for a little while – that the possessive passion in his smoky gray eyes was really for her.

He ached to have her

Business and pleasure weren’t supposed to mix, but in this case Nathan Hunter was willing to make an exception. After all, it was in his mest interests to keep his new bride’s mind off the secrets of her past. Making sure she didn’t remember her hatred for him turned out to be the easy part, as he initiated the innocent Lydia into womanhood. Not so easy was keeping sight of his own goals as Lydia’s sweet surrender wove a seductive spell around Nathan’s heart, arousing emotions he had thought forever buried. . .


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Finally the “rules” changed. I was actually encouraged to write a romance that significantly used a locale other than Europe and the United States. Australia beckoned. The research was especially interesting since I didn’t know much about Australia beyond Dawn Frasier (and you’d have to be a competitive swimmer of a certain era to recognize that name). I lucked into a wonderful find in a local rare and used book store. Saga of Sydney was written in 1962 to celebrate the 175th anniversary of that city the following year. It was written by a man who was a youngster near the time Sweet Fire was set. Reading the book was like interviewing an eyewitness to Australian life.

Lydia Chadwick is another favorite character. She comes into her own gradually and I enjoyed watching her grow. I also liked Nathan Hunter because of his basic decency. What can I say? I’m a sucker for people who do the right thing.