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Beyond A Wicked Kiss


The Compass Club Series Book #4

Re-release Nov 2015 / Original Release Aug 2004


Wicked games and forbidden desires are the order of the day in the latest installment of bestselling author Jo Goodman’s Compass Club quartet, as Evan Marchman – West to his friends – undertakes a dangerous mission that leads to unexpected temptation…

Evan Marchman has just inherited a title, lands, and a fortune – but is miserable as the new Duke of Westphal, preferring the intrigue and adventures of the Compass Club to the responsibilities of an estate. More promisingly, he has also gained a ward – a beautiful woman who asks for his aid in unraveling a mystery that will drew them both into a world of hidden pleasures…

Headmistress of a ladies academy, Ria Ashby desperately needs West’s help to find a student who has disappeared without a trace. Yet she cannot help but be distracted by the promise of passion behind the duke’s green eyes and roguish grin. Soon their search for the missing girl leads them to a secret society comprised of the school’s board of governors – an inner sanctum where sensuality rules – and power seduces…



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Most readers noticed that each story in the Compass Club quartet begins with a prologue detailing an incident at the fictional Hambrick Hall. The incident establishes something about that hero’s character and is a thread that runs through the story. It also dictates something about how the book will end. You may, or may not (especially if you read the books as they were released), have noticed that the first few paragraphs of the first chapter of each book references the laughter of the Compass Club. Allowing these men to laugh loud and long was important to me, as the men on which they’re (very, very) loosely based, are four of the funniest people I know.

West’s story was something I had been thinking about since I began the Compass Club series. I actually fiddled around with it in my head when I was thinking about the plot for North’s book, but then I realized it would have to be West’s story and that I would have to write all the other books just to get to it. It’s a little darker — or as my sister says — twisted — than the other stories, but that’s what happens when I put things off. That kind of anticipation ties me up in knots, and if I’m tied up…well, you see what happens to the characters.