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Crystal Passion Reissue

Crystal Passion [08/1985]     Crystal Passion [reprint 08/1999]

Crystal Passion

Aug 1985; reprinted 08/1999 and 2018

Ashley Lynne had never expected kindness from her guardian, the cruel Duke of Linfield. But to be betrothed by him to an aging peer she hardly knew was unthinkable. Even worse was the cost of her resistance, for Ashley awoke from a drugged sleep to find herself in the bedchamber of a dark-haired, steel-eyed stranger.

Sent to England on business, Captain Salem McClellan assumed the lovely young woman curled in his bed was only an evening's entertainment supplied by the Duke of Linfield. Ashley's terrified protests were proof of her innocence - and a powerful inspiration to rescue the young beauty from her guardian's clutches.

From the gloomy docks of London to the lush green hills of Virginia, Salem and Ashley embark on a journey that plunges them into scandalous family secrets, and into the danger of the American Revolution. Together, they will fight for America's freedom, and the promise of being wrapped in each other's arms...forever.

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SS Reissue

Seaswept Abandon [09/1986]     Seaswept Abandon [09/2000 reprint front]     Seaswept Abandon [09/2000 reprint back]

Seaswept Abandon

Sep 1986; reprinted Sep 2000 and 2018

Flooded with desire

When green-eyed Rae McClellan agreed to be a courier for the Colonies, she never dreamed that on her very first mission she'd coldly kill one man - and hotly love another. But one thing led to another in the boisterous Redcoat tavern and before the spirited beauty could think what to do, she was aboard the private schooner of a British sympathizer! She fought her arrogant enemy with the fury of a tempest. . .then swoon like storm-lashed sail as his hands molded her curves. Passion clouded her fears, rapture drowned her rage, and all Rae could do was ride the current of ecstasy that pulled her into its depths.

Driven by lust

Towering Jericho Smith had never lacked for a willing woman, but when his gaze locked with the alluring Rae's, he knew no other could satisfy him that night. His work for Washington's army demanded he spurn love and family - and the iron-willed spy was sure the lovely wench would be just another tumble. Then he explored her satiny lips, touched her shapely limbs, stroked her pearly flesh, and Jericho felt himself awash in an unfathomable sea of arousal. He hated needing the hot-tempered miss, yet he couldn't deny he wanted a lifetime of discovering the secrets of her body and glorying in their sensuous union with wild SEASWEPT ABANDON.

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TT Reissue

Tempting Torment [08/1989]     Tempting Torment [10/2001 reprint front]     Tempting Torment [10/2001 reprint back]

Tempting Torment

Aug 1989; reprinted Oct 2001 and 2018

False Pretenses...

Desperate to escape to America with her life — and that of the infant in her arms — Jessa Winter quickly weds a mortally wounded man, planning to flee England as his widow. She doesn't count on Noah McClellan's will to live — or his determination to make her deliver on all of their marriage vows. But baby Gideon and her own hidden secrets must be protected — even as Noah's passionate demands tempt her to trust him with everything: the truth, her life, and her heart...

...Lead To True Passions

Noah has every intention of getting his due from the cunning female who's played him for a fool. As they sail for America, he is torn between outrage and growing tenderness for this beautiful woman he now calls wife. Jessa's recklessness nearly cost him his life — yet he cannot fight the burgeoning desire to tease and tempt her into sharing more than just his name...

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Tidewater Promise [11/1991] in Christmas Rendezvous anthology     Tidewater Promise [10/2001 reprint front]     Tidewater Promise [10/2001 reprint back]

Tidewater Promise

Christmas Rendezvous anthology

Nov 1991; reprinted Oct 2001

Virginia beauty Courtney McClellan has lost her faith in happily-ever-after....until a childhood friendship blossoms into a once-in-a-lifetime love.

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