Dennehy Sisters

Wild Sweet Ecstasy     Wild Sweet Ecstasy Reprint     Wild Sweet Ecstasy Reprint

Wild Sweet Ecstasy
May 1992; reprinted Aug 2004

She couldn't ignore him

The gang of train robbers swore they could smell a reporter a mile away. Maybe it was her perfume that saved Mary Michael Dennehy from the brutal fate of her newspaper colleagues on the train to Colorado. Instead of being killed, she was kidnapped by the one named Ethan Stone - a man whose lazy, derisive smile was distinctly unsettling, and oddly familiar. He didn't seem to think much of her stubborn defiance, her disgust for his crimes, or her pathetic attempts to escape. She only wished she could be as indifferent to his potent masculinity, and the way his lips slanted over hers, drawing a response from deep within her that was at once wild and sweet...

He couldn't forget her

Ethan recognized her instantly. The last time he'd seen her, her hair had been a nest for pencils and the tip of her nose had propped up gold-rimmed spectacles. Something about her had made him wonder what such a modern city woman - a reporter, for Christ's sake - would be like in bed. He'd never forgotten her, and wasn't about to let her open that fascinating mouth of hers now and get herself killed - and him along with her, if she recognized him as the undercover detective he was. Without the pencils and spectacles, she was damned alluring. It would be his pleasure to indulge his secret fantasies and distract that razor-sharp brain of hers with a slow and subtle onslaught of Wild Sweet Ecstasy.

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Rogue's Mistress     Rogue's Mistress [reprint]

Rogue's Mistress
May 1993; reprinted Sep 2004

A man she could not resist

They said her father was dead, but Rennie Dennehy refused to believe that. Vowing to uncover the truth behind his strange disappearance, Rennie headed to the wilds of Colorado - and the only man who could help her. Bounty hunter Jarret Sullivan was a rogue with a smile as infuriating as it was irresistible. And though they shared a past she'd rather forget, seeing him again rekindled the flames of a desire she could not resist. . .and soon Rennie found herself surrendering to his wild sweet loving over and over again!

A woman he could not deny

The last woman Jarret Sullivan ever expected to see again was Rennie Dennehy. A man might do a lot of things for ten thousand dollars, but tangling with a wild Irish beauty wasn't one of them! For months he'd been trying to forget her, but memories of the passion they'd once shared still haunted him. Now he had a second chance to take her in his arms and love her the way she was meant to be loved: with kisses of pure molten fire and of burning passion. Jarret didn't plan on losing Rennie again. For this time he would not only make her his captive to his touch, but captive to his heart!

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Forever In My Heart     Forever In My Heart [reprint]

Forever In My Heart
Jul 1994; reprinted Oct 2004

Forever in my dreams. . .

Injured and lost, Mary Margaret Dennehy stumbled out into the night. When she awoke, the New York heiress remembered nothing of where she'd been - except for a haunting dream that filled her with hungry longing. . .

Forever in my arms. . .

Colorado rancher Connor Holiday would never forget the passion-filled night spent in a fancy bordello - or the exquisite lover who'd played the innocent so well. . .

Forever in my heart.

Now, as an arranged marriage brings them together once more, Connor is stunned to discover that Maggie is the flame-haired beauty of that passionate encounter - still deceiving him with lies even as she melts to his touch. And Maggie finds herself bound to a stranger in a wild land, torn between cherished dreams of freedom and the sweet, sensuous love her restless heart craves. . .

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Always In My Dreams     Always In My Dreams [reprint]

Always In My Dreams
Jun 1995; reprinted Nov 2004

The sins of a father

The youngest daughter of a New York financier, Skye Dennehy didn't run from danger, instead, she embraced it. And now her powerful father had asked her to spy on a reclusive inventor whose latest creation could change the world.

The passions of a daughter

Skye didn't count on an obstacle that was large, unmoveable. . .and irresistible. His name was Walker Caine - and he was a man who instinctively knew what Skye wanted out of life: no two tomorrows that were the same.

The love of a man

What Walker kept from Skye was his past - but not his passion. And as a shadowy enemy stalked them both - thrusting Skye between two dangerous men - she knew she must risk everything for a love that could prove the most perilous adventure of all. . .

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Only in My Arms     Only in My Arms [reprint]

Only In My Arms
Sep 1996; reprinted Dec 2004

A man about to die. . .a woman ready to live. . .

Torn between devotion and a secret yearning for adventure and fulfillment, Mary Dennehy makes her choice. Shocking her family, she leaves the convent and her cloistered existence behind and sets out in search of a new life. But for a woman alone, the West can be a hostile and treacherous place. And no one is more dangerous - and irresistible - than Ryder McKay.

Faithful to the Apaches who raised him, now sentenced to hang for a crime he didn't commit, Ryder is desperate enough to seize one last chance for freedom. Taking Mary Dennehy hostage, the army scout plots his daring escape. . .on a breathtaking journey into peril and forbidden passion that will test her faith and challenge both their hearts. . .

And a love that could save them both

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