Compass Club

Let Me Be The One Let Me Be the One

Sep 2002

"Jo Goodman hooks you and keeps you glued to the pages." —author Kat Martin

In bestselling author Jo Goodman's captivating new quartet, you'll meet the four intriguing gentlemen of the Compass Club —North, South, East, and West— as they find adventure, excitement, and, of course, romance. Now, in book one of this sweeping and sensual series set in Regency
England, join Brendan David Hampton, Earl of Northam, as he
unravels a mystery...and the secrets of a woman's heart.

None of the four friends are yet wed, though the wagers are on North —captivated by a most unique lady. Libby Penrose is wise, witty, beautiful, and quite determined to remain alone. But when the intrigues of a notorious jewel thief find them plotting together, a stolen kiss seals their fate as lovers — yet leaves North with more questions about Libby than answers.

Despite her vow to deny her deep attraction to this powerful, alluring man, Libby surrenders to the breathless desire he awakens. She could not have imagined the whirlwind events that would find North accused of a crime...nor her own confession that would save him — and compromise them both into matrimony. But sweet words of love remain unspoken and elusive. For Libby harbors a dark secret, one that threatens the untested bonds of her marriage. And soon fate will force her to make a harrowing choice: trust her husband...or lose him forever.

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All I Ever Needed All I Ever Needed

Oct 2003

No one writes romance like Jo Goodman. especially with her magnificent quartet featuring the irresistible men of the Compass Club. In her third installment she holds readers spellbound as Gabriel Whitney. Know as East to his friends, enters the life of a woman disinclined to let him into her house - mush less into her heart...

Lady Sophia Colley, daughter of the late Earl of Tremont, finds herself imprisoned in her own home by mercenary cousins who want her to marry the money her poor father failed to leave them. When the Marquess of Eastlyn arrives to rectify the false rumor that he and Sophie are engaged, the last thing he expects is to be entranced by her honey - hued eyes. East proposes on the spot, only to have Sophie turn him down flat.

But Sophie's rejection of East is far from personal. In Fact, it's all she can do to resist his charms... and her willpower is put to the ultimate test when he returns. The desire between them is impossible to deny, but deny it she must in order to protect East from a past intrigue that is about to place them both in very present danger. Now, they must work together in very close quarters, for only after they unravel a treacherous mystery will they be free to pursue the love of a lifetime...

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Everything I Ever Wanted Everything I Ever Wanted

Mar 2003

Bestselling author Jo Goodman weaves breathless sensuality, colorful history, and a dash of suspense into her captivating new quartet featuring the daring gentlemen of the Compass Club. Now follow Matthew Forrester, Earl of Southerton — otherwise known as South — as he uncovers a trail of murder and treachery that leads straight into the arms of love.

The toast of Drury Lane, actress India Parr has claimed the attention of London's most impressive gentlemen — including the Prince Regent himself — with her talent and poise. Though her heart hasn't been won, she is intrigued by the devilishly handsome South — yet equally determined to keep him from the dark, deadly secret that shadows her private life.

But South has other plans. A clever killer is afoot in London and he suspects India may be involved. Her charms have made her the confidante of many powerful men, and South intends to learn just how much she knows — by spiriting her away to a cottage where she will be safe from peril — but not from South's powers of seduction. Now, night after night, in the name of justice, he plans to persuade India to reveal all...

"Just when you think you have it figured out, she throws you a curve. From the Dennehy's to the McClellan's to the Thorne's to the Hamilton's, each "must read" story is more captivating and original than the last. The Compass Club series is no exception — it's a treasure, a true masterpiece. I'm already waiting for the next installment. Bravo, Ms. Goodman. You're the greatest!"
    — Suzanne Tucker, Reviewer, Old Book Barn Gazette

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Beyond A Wicked Kiss Beyond A Wicked Kiss

Aug 2004

Wicked games and forbidden desires are the order of the day in the latest installment of bestselling author Jo Goodman's Compass Club quartet, as Evan Marchman - West to his friends - undertakes a dangerous mission that leads to unexpected temptation...

Evan Marchman has just inherited a title, lands, and a fortune - but is miserable as the new Duke of Westphal, preferring the intrigue and adventures of the Compass Club to the responsibilities of an estate. More promisingly, he has also gained a ward - a beautiful woman who asks for his aid in unraveling a mystery that will drew them both into a world of hidden pleasures...

Headmistress of a ladies academy, Ria Ashby desperately needs West's help to find a student who has disappeared without a trace. Yet she cannot help but be distracted by the promise of passion behind the duke's green eyes and roguish grin. Soon their search for the missing girl leads them to a secret society comprised of the school's board of governors - an inner sanctum where sensuality rules - and power seduces...

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